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Site Updated - October 23, 2014
Dermal Fillers

Used for deeper lines, Hyaluronic acid (which is sugar found between the skin cells), has a volumising effect. This is used for lifting deep facial wrinkles, correction of nasolabial folds, restoring facial volume, cheek enhancement as well as increasing lip volume.

We can also offer the 'Paris Lip' - which is a more natural way of increasing lip volume by redefining the lip border (without the 'Trout Pout' effect).

We use the TEOSYAL family of products, the Rolls Royce of fillers due to versatility, safety and effective, lasting results.

1ml syringe Subsequent syringes Paris Lip (uses 2ml)
Price - £220.00 £150.00 £350.00
(£10 deposit required to secure booking with Dr. Rennie)
Facial Rejuvination Wrinkle Relaxing Injections from £160
Dermal Fillers from £220